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John Bunyan (1628-1688), Baptist, still remains the most popular religious writer in the English language. He is the author of the well-known "Pilgrim's Progress", said to be second only to the Bible in number of copies sold throughout the world and also second only to the Bible in number of translations (over 200 languages and dialects). He wrote nearly 60 books in all. Not only a great writer but he was also a gifted preacher. John Owen, Puritan theologian, after hearing Bunyan preach one time, said : "Could I possess that tinker's ability for preaching, I would most gladly relinquish all my learning!".


Jonathan EDWARDS

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), whose "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" is the most famous sermon in American history, is considered one of America's greatest theologians. Known also as a great revivalist preacher, he was one of the key figures in America's first Great Awakening (early 1740's). He strongly defended the doctrines of grace at a time when America and Europe were being penetrated by deism, socinianism and arminianism. His theological thought emphasized the sovereignty of God, the depravity of humankind, the reality of hell, and the necessity of a "New Birth" conversion. This web site, considered the largest source of Jonathan Edwards resources on the Web, contains biographical information on M.Edwards as well as some of his sermons, his doctrinal treatises, his writings on nature and science, his thoughts on revivalism and even some of his personal writings. Note : Jonathan Edwards espoused the postmillennial eschatological point of view.



Dr. John Gill (1697-1771), called the "Doctor John Lightfoot of the Baptists", was considered the greatest Hebrew scholar of his day. Augustus Toplady called him the greatest defender of the doctrines of grace since Augustine. He was the first Baptist to write a verse-by-verse commentary of the entire Bible. Charles Spurgeon, discussing Gill's Scripture commentaries, once said : "For good, sound, massive, sober sense in commenting, who can excel Gill?". Gill was also the first Baptist to write a complete systematic theology. This website, dedicated to publishing Doctor Gill's life's work online, contains a summary of his life and work, his sermons and tracts as well as the following books : - "A Body of Doctrinal Divinity" - "A Body of Practical Divinity" - "The Cause of God and Truth" - "Solomon's Song" This site also has a link to a website containing his complete exposition of the Bible. (Note : Dr. Gill espoused the Pre-millennial Historicist scheme.)



Charles Spurgeon (1834-92), Baptist, was considered the greatest preacher of his day and was known as "the Prince of Preachers". It is estimated that he preached to more than 10 million people, in 38 years of ministry. The complete set of his published sermons, over 3500 in total, is comprised of 63 volumes. This strong defender of the faith also wrote over 140 books. This website has the largest collection of Spurgeon resources on the Internet. The site contains biographical information, sermons, writings and links. (Note : Mr. Spurgeon shared the Pre-millennial Historicist eschatological point of view.)


Arthur W. PINK

Arthur Pink (1886-1952), Baptist, was one of the most gifted modern expositors of the Bible and one of the ablest defenders of the doctrines of grace. Most of his works, which include numerous biblical studies, first appeared as articles in Studies in the Scriptures, a monthly periodical published from 1922 to 1952. Among his well known works are "The Sovereignty of God", "The Attributes of God" and "Gleanings in Genesis". This website contains many of his books, booklets and pamphlets. (Note : Though a pre-tribulational dispensationalist earlier in his life (see "The Redeemer's Return"), Mr. Pink later espoused the Preterist eschatological scheme.)



Monergism is defined as the view that the Holy Spirit is the only agent who effects regeneration of Christians in contrast with synergism, the view that there is a cooperation between the divine and the human in the regeneration process. This is a great website containing many quality resources including many free online books, links to online sermons, many articles defending the doctrines of grace, biographies of well-known Christians, links to online Bible commentaries as well as an online bookstore offering many quality Christian books. This website can be summed up in three words: many quality resources!

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